The KP Special Super Size Extreme nail form Edition3 is the most important part when creating extreme nail shapes. This protected technology is the basis of the entire structure.

Krista Paulitti The Artist Nail form are the longest in the world and has been on sale since spring 2018.

KP Special Super Size Extreme Nail form Edition3 was in use in various international nail courses in the final test phase. This new unique nail form has been incredibly well received, mainly because of the incredible durability in terms of glue and static.

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The KP Special Super Size Extreme Nail Form Edition3© since 2018

A recurring question of mine was always: how is it possible to build such long nails?
This question was unanswered until the beginning of 2018. After 9 months of precise engineering with Swiss Paper Technology, the form reached the final perfect stage. Following countless hours of additional testing, putting The Nailform in real work, it is available to the public since summer 2018.

The KP Special Super Size Extreme Nailform Edition3© is the most important part (and help) in the creation of extreme nails. This patented technology is the base of the whole structure.

It contains 3 layers, that must be aligned perfectly. Only 0.01 millimetre of misalignment can ruin the work we invest long hours into. This precise fit of all layers is always tested and supervised, so that each individual form has the highest possible quality.

THE GLUE used is a precise mixture. Considering that is has to stick in various environments, must be temperature and moisture resistant to keep the Nail-Form layer stable for several hours. THE FORM is the middle layer, that is a uniquely developed film, is strongly holding the created arch. It will prevent wrinkling and any form of indentation. THE HELP as final layer is carefully developed and extremely precise to guide through the building process. It is colour coded to show the individual steps during the process and coated with a special material to easily detach from the final construction.

The KP Special Super Size Extreme Nailform Edition3© was in the final testing phase at various international nail courses. This new nail shape was incredibly well received, mainly because of the incredible durability in terms of adhesive and static.

Krista Paulitti The Artist represents precise and high quality nail work.

For this and many other reasons, the KP Swiss High Precision Nail Tools have been and will be developed by me and will be produced on behalf of my specifications.

And don't forget what I always tell you in the courses.
Only the best is good enough, and sometimes that's even not enough.

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