The KP Jewellery Selection and nail decoration

The nail decoration is an excellent conclusion for a perfect appearance.

Perfect fingernails also need the most beautiful gemstones and accessories for decoration.


The nail decoration is an excellent conclusion for a perfect appearance.

Triple AAA Zircon
Zirconia is the most brilliant imitation of diamond jewelry. He looks confusingly similar to the diamond and is also extremely popular with the nail and jewelry industries. It can be cut just like a diamond, for example in brilliant cut. Another plus is that zirconia can be made in any color, so trendy and elegant creations are possible at affordable prices. It is important to know that the Triple AAA Zircon are the highest quality stones.

Mineral rocks
Are sometimes referred to as gemstones, they are mostly mineral rocks. But also substances of organic origin such as amber, pitch coal or relatively small and shapely fossils, which are generally perceived as beautiful and are used as gemstones.

Krista Paulitti The Artist is known for her precise and high-quality nail work.

For this and many other reasons, the KP Swiss High Precision Nail Tools have been and will be developed by me and will be produced on behalf of my specifications.

And don't forget what I always tell you in the courses.
Only the best is good enough, and sometimes that's even not enough.

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