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This Web shop-for Nail Tools and Nail Accessory was created by Krista Paulitti The Artist, to support all nail artists with high quality Nail Tools and nail accessories worldwide.

A recurring statement from Krista is:
Only the best is good enough, and sometimes even that is not enough.

I was fortunate enough to get to know many master classified trainers during my training trips all around the world. They though me a wide variety of techniques, and from every one of these masters I took bits and pieces to build up my individual abilities and develop my own personal perspective on the art of nail.

As an International Grand Master Educator, I started touring around the world in 2017 with my NEW GENERATION TEACHING SYSTEM.

While I was training my students, trainers and nail masters during my seminars, I noticed that there is an incredible variety of nail tools on the market for the same nail treatment. But that does not necessarily mean, that the technique was developed over time.

This forced me to invent my own nail tools or to improve existing ones.

As a craftswoman I know that without the perfect Nail Tools you cannot create perfect nails.

It is also logical that nature formulated certain structures that pushes us to choose the right nail tool in order to work perfectly.

The best example is my invented and developed extreme nail form, that is the longest nail form in the industry. After a lot of work, testing and improvements it is available for sales since summer 2018.

Dear nail artists,
stay tuned there will be more nail tools and a lot of surprises for you.

And don't forget what I always tell you during my courses:

  • Nothing is impossible
  • Everything is possible - you just have to want it.
  • Never give up.

I love you all, Krista Would you like to find out more about me?
See www.kristapaulitti.com

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