International education

Deals for Courses, training and education. For the following nailforms.

For Nail technician with experience (Difficulty level medium):
Almond, Bridget, Butterfly, Blade, Cube, Dragon, Edge, Edgeit, Edge-Stiletto, Gothic-Almond, Monroe, Triangle, Pipe, Stiletto, Russian-Almond, Square and Razor.

For nail technician with experience (Difficulty level high):
Tryraya©, The Fairy©, Saphira©, Xaraya©, The Zodiac©, The Spear©, Ensifera©, The Needle© (Copyright by Krista Paulitti)

Group sizes:
Minimum 4 participants, maximum 8 participants by day course. These small group courses are formed so that every participant can learn the maximum. The courses are built up like private lessons (individual course).

Private lessons:
Private lessons are possible.

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